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Teekay Fuel Services Ensures Quality Fuel Bunkers for LNG Carriers and Conventional Tankers

27 October 2020

The Teekay Fuel Services (TFS) team delivers quality, cost-effective, fuel bunker purchasing with reliable customer service.

Did you know that fuel bunkers are the biggest voyage expense for shipping vessels? In 2019 alone, the Teekay Fuel Services team spent $439,297,305 on bunkers for clients – that’s enough to buy nearly 8 new suezmax vessels every year! It all adds up to 1.2m tons of fuel bunkers purchased annually for conventional tankers, LNG carriers, bulkers, tugs, lightering support vessels (LSV), offshore tugs and even FSRU’s.

What does Teekay Fuel Services Do?

Teekay Fuel Services conducts essential work advising freight traders, voyage managers, ship management and technical teams before decisions are made on where, when, and how much fuel to bunker.

Over 30 owners and 250 vessels rely on Teekay Fuel Services’ extensive expertise and strict vetting process to purchase fuel bunkers.

Teekay Fuel Services acts as a broker for a wide variety of different charterers and owners and guides them through the bunker buying process just as they would with Teekay teams.

How does TFS Ensure Quality Fuel Bunkers?

Bunker quality is one of the most important aspects the team considers. Quality bunkers prevent issues that can cause hazards for staff on board as well as logistical delays if off specification bunkers must be removed from a vessel. In order to deliver the best service to clients, TFS vets bunker quality and the specifications of the fuel before making or advising on purchasing decisions.

The vetting process includes:

  • pre-testing bunkers as much as possible to ensure we are getting the bunker quality we have agreed upon with the supplier.
  • performing Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) tests to identify any chemical contaminants that may harm our engines or be unsafe for our colleagues on board the vessels.

Why Work with a Bunker Team?

Teekay Fuel Services provides vital attention to detail that ensures bunkers are booked in the right location at the right time. The team is flexible and adaptable to ensure bunker delivery is prompt, trouble free and most importantly, safe.

Teekay Fuel Service’s reliable advice and expertise doesn’t stop once you sign a contract. The team follows up before, during, and after the bunker delivery to mitigate issues and provide a safe, positive delivery experience. The team is ready 24/7 to support clients whether they are Teekay teams, charterers, owners, or vessel managers.  TFS works to ensure any claims are followed up with and negotiated on to get to a satisfactory and amicable solution for their clients.

Meet the Teekay Fuel Services Team