Stavanger Bliss Joins Aframax RSA | Teekay

Stavanger Bliss Joins Aframax RSA

13 August 2018

It’s always good to announce the arrival of a new ship in our pools and we were particularly excited to see the M.T. Stavanger Bliss join our Aframax pool in Mid-July this year.

The Owner, DSD run a quality operation and have pooled with Teekay for many years, initially with our LR2 pool Taurus and more recently with our Aframax pool where the Stavanger Blossom already trades with us.  Teekay now has a pooled fleet of 33 Aframax vessels and we believe our Pool offers the best service and results based on our truly global approach to maintaining quality, gaining efficiency and attracting top notch customers through a trusted pool management system.

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